Frederick's Journey: The Life of Frederick Douglass (Disney/Jump at the Sun).  Frederick Douglass was born a slave. He was taken from his mother as a baby, and separated from his grandparents when he was six. He suffered hunger and abuse, but miraculously, he learned how to read. Frederick read newspapers left in the street, and secretly collected spellings from neighborhood children. Words, he knew, would set him free.

When Frederick was twenty, he escaped to the North, where he spread his abolitionist beliefs through newspaper articles, autobiographies, and speeches. He believed that all people-regardless of color or gender-were entitled to equal rights. It is Douglass's words, as well as his life, that still provide hope and inspiration across generations.

In this installment of the critically acclaimed Big Words series, Doreen Rappaport captures Frederick's journey from boy to man, from slavery to freedom, by weaving Frederick's powerful words with her own. London Ladd's strong and evocative illustrations combine with the text to create a moving portrait of an extraordinary life.

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"Ladd’s powerful and dramatic full-bleed art is richly textured and detailed. Expressive faces, tranquil Maryland scenes, and battlefields fill the pages...At the conclusion, a double-page spread depicts contemporary children gazing at the likeness of Douglass in a museum, helping to make him a real—not just historical—figure. A fittingly inspirational tribute to a most praiseworthy man." ~ Kirkus, starred review

Ladd casts a sepia glow in handsome scenes of key figures, and his illustrator's note adds a fun light on his painting of them. ~ School Library Journal

"Frederick’s Journey is full of important stories and heart-wrenching illustrations. Following the life and adventures of Frederick Douglass, outspoken advocate for freedom and equality, readers will feel that this is more than just another history lesson, but rather a stirring reminder of what life was like for slaves in the United States."  ~ Kids’ Indie Next List