Whether it's signing books at festivals, speaking at conferences and workshops I enjoy sharing my passion for books with audiences of all ages. I've been a featured speaker at West/Central NY regional SCBWI.  A panelist for the Children’s Book Counsel’s Diversity Committee: Diversity on the Page, Behind the Pencil, and in the Office and The Children’s Defense Fund Fellows: New Voices, Publishing for the Next Generation.  A keynote speaker for the Onondaga Community College Student Achievement Award.


Conferences & Festivals:

Words into Pictures: The Picture Book Process

A step-by-step approach that helps bring words to life visually when creating a picture book.  From reading of the manuscript, sketching ideas, the page layout and design, preparing the “book dummy” and final artwork. Sketchbooks, drawings and original artwork examples will be available.


Breaking into the Business

Offering suggestions and ideas for breaking into the picture book business.  What are ways to promote your artwork and yourself? Why is researching the market so essential? Where to send art samples? How important is networking?  Is social media helpful and how to utilize to your advantage? What are the pros and cons having an art agent? How to stay busy and creative?  And answers to more questions.


Tips for a Successful Illustration

Sometimes creating an illustration can have its challenges but getting past them might be to approach it in a different way. I offer helpful tips that may inspire you to see it from a different perspective to unlock those ideas within.


Historical Storytelling

When historical information is presented in the form of a picture book, it resonates in a way that can be very impactful.  I’ll discuss what it takes to bring history to life for children.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a speaking engagement please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.