School Presentations:

I love to share with young people the process of illustrating books. I've had the pleasure of visiting many schools with great responses and rave reviews. Teachers and students alike have said that my presentations are "inspiring, lively and engaging."

With PowerPoint I start by sharing slides of my personal journey from childhood to becoming an illustrator. I believe that it's important for young people to know that they can succeed even if they might experience temporary setbacks along the way. Key points I emphasize are hard work, patience and education.

I show various slides of personal drawings and artwork along with the many steps involved in making a picture book such as reviewing the manuscript, research, sketches and creating artwork. I may bring sketchbooks, original artwork and various visual aids for children to see firsthand to get a better understanding of how I work.

The presentation last 35 minutes followed by 5 minutes of questions. I conclude by inviting selected students to assist me in drawing a portrait. I’ll start with an oval shape then the students will draw different parts of the face and sign their name before sitting back down. Students have a lot of fun and we create an interesting character together. Presentations are modified according to grade level.

I'm also available for Skype visits.



50 minutes


• Projector for my laptop
• Easel w/ large pad of paper
• Black or blue markers
• Bottled water
• Microphone is optional depending on size of audience



The best ways to prepare students for my visit are to read books I've illustrated. Students are usually more engaged if they’re familiar with my work.